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Comments? Criticism? Unhappy with how I'm playing Hope? How so? Please do comment, I promise I'll take all comments into consideration and try better!

Also in this post, you're more than welcome to just get in contact with me if you can't find me on AIM or Skype. Drop me a message if you want to plot something out together! I'd be super happy to do so~

Anon is on, IP is off, and the comments are screened~~
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--just dropped it, it's fine. It's been through a lot more than just being dropped, that's for sure.

[A pause, and faint murmurings.]

Oh. Yeah, I can get on that right now. Be back in an hour or so?

[Aaaand then it's just be muffled clothing scraping over the speakers noise after he puts the phone in his pocket. Continue until end recording.]

[He sounds a bit embarrassed, especially for having been caught out on the last completely unintentional message.]

Hi, this is Hope. Um. If I'm not picking up, it means I might have left the phone behind by accident? But I'll reply back if you leave a message!
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In case no one went through the profile page (lawlawlawl), this here kid's being played by someone else.

Player Contact Information:
Player Name: Shamera
Player Journal: [personal profile] shamera
Skype: shameraklotho
AIM: kl0tho
Plurk: [ profile] shamera

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